Drone Strike Force – Open Beta

Drone Strike Force is a fast paced futuristic arena shooter where players take control of heavily armed military drones and attempt to blast each other out of the skies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Drone Strike Force is a competitive multiplayer arena shooter with six degrees of freedom, as players do battle with high-tech combat drones. It takes place in the mid-21st century, where drones have replaced infantry, choppers and tanks of the battlefield. It’s easy to see why too – they’re fast, agile, remotely piloted and perfectly suited to warfare in urban environments.

The Drone Strike Force Beta features a wide selection of drones to test out. You can unlock new drones and weapons with the cash you earn as you play and you can also unlock new perks for specific to the light, medium and heavy drones via the Tech Center. The Beta will be live until noon EDT on Sunday the 11th, so jump in now for some high flying fun.

Download The Drone Strike Force Open Beta Here (Steam – Demo is the Beta)