DropCore – Pre-Alpha Demo


DropCore, being created by YC960 Studio, is an novel fusion of RTS and RPG elements that pits you and your team of war vehicles up against the unending onslaught of an ever evolving enemy that adapts to your tactics.

In DropCore you play as a Militant commander out to decimate the ever powerful conquering force that will stop at nothing to see your army blown to pieces. Unlike traditional RTS games, DropCore has you in charge of a single unit – the commander of your army. With this single unit you can charge the enemy strongholds and blast them into the pieces with your two special abilities – the first of which is a missile barrage, while your other ability not only increase your speed and use a force field around your unit, dealing massive damage to any enemy it comes into contact with. With these two abilities you can become a force of pure destruction but this alone isn’t enough to stop the enemy forces in their tracks.

Along with these abilities (and the chain gun that can be fired at will) you also get the ability to summon a maximum of 3 small units that can aid you in combat. This ability can be used multiple times but this, along with other two abilities, have cool downs on their usage and also consumes resources each time. These resources just grow over time without any input which makes the game move along at a nice pace compared to most RTS games.

DropCore also features an adaptive AI system, that learns how you play and adjusts it’s tactics accordingly. The more enemy units and structures you destroy the more enemies will begin to spawn around you and will get harder to take out. This can get to a point where they will spawn in your main base and try to take you out faster than you can destroy them. The benefit of taking out their bases though is the fact that you can create drop areas for your own units, causing more friendlies to spawn on the map which in turn counters the enemies spawns. As well as assisting with unit spawns but they also increase your attack power when inside their green aura and can heal your units over time.

Super addictive, fast paced and a new breed of the RTS genre, DropCore offers a refreshing and revolutionary take on the genre.  If you’re a fan of RTS gaming it’s certainly worth dropping on this.

Download the DropCore Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows only)