Drucker – Beta Download

Drucker sees you attempting to evolve the perfect neural network racing AI over hundreds of generations then using them to win races against opponents.

In Drucker your aim is to create AI controlled racers who can navigate twisty tracks and win races. However, before you can enter your AI into races in the campaign mode then you’ll have to train/evolve them.

During training you can build test tracks in the game’s track editor then let your racers loose on the tracks. Each generation consists of 100 racers with random mutations in their code. Initially your AI won’t be able to navigate a single corner, but the most successful AI racers from each generation will be selected and bred to improve future generations. As your racers improve you can then increase the complexity of the tracks and fiddle with the settings that determine the parameters of each generations selection.

Once you’re confident you have a decent racing AI you can test it against the Drucker AI in the campaign mode. There are three cups to take part in, each consisting of three tracks. Aside from the first race the tracks are pretty tough so you’ll need a well trained AI to stand a chance of making around them it one piece.

It can take hundreds of generations to make a half decent racing AI, but it’s an oddly addictive experience watching as it evolves, improving slightly with each generation. Good luck beating the Drucker AI though – that thing’s harder to beat than Ayrton Senna with a cylinder full of nitrus and a Blue Shell in his pocket!

Download The Drucker Beta Here (Windows)

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