Drug Dealer Simulator – Alpha Demo

Drug Dealer Simulator is a surprisingly good first person drug dealing simulation game where you start as a lowly street hustler and build up a drug dealing empire.

Most drug dealing games are just half-baked experiences about getting baked, but Drug Dealer Simulator is a remarkably fleshed out experience. In the game you have access to a small, but highly detailed inner-city area which you can walk around freely in first person.

You start off by using your computer to organise pick-ups and drops and you go out into the world to peddle the drugs yourself. As you progress though you’ll build up your drug empire, hire your own minions and become a street business mastermind or a ruthless gangster as you take control of the territory.

The cash you make can be invested in your business or you can blow it in strip clubs and parties. How you run your business may affect how long you’re around to spend it though. On your way to the top you’ll make powerful allies or dangerous enemies, and there’s always the threat of the Police and the DEA.

It’s a very impressive game that offers a surprisingly fully featured and entertaining drug dealer simulation experience. It may not be on the same scale as the likes of GTA, but it delivers a more authentic take on turning to a life of crime. See if you’ve got what it takes to be the new Tony Montana!

Download The Drug Dealer Simulator Alpha Demo Here (Steam)