Drytown – Game Jam Build

Drytown is a quirky little puzzle adventure that takes you into an old vampire-infested town, where human’s haven’t roamed for a long time.

After falling off of the train, you find yourself in a strange town full of vampires. Luckily for you they’re reasonably friendly though and they ask before they take your blood, which can work as a currency within the town. You only have one heart container at first, so you’ll need to collect up some more to pay for a train ticket, as giving up more blood than you contain ends in death.

Speaking to various people within the town, they will ask for your blood. It can be replenished by killing smaller animals with your knife, but you’ll need to ultimately find various heart containers so that you can trade larger numbers. As humans haven’t been around for a while, you’ll need to search around on your own. Many vampires are surprised that you are there and several of them even want your blood (in exchange for their assistance).

Your brief stay in Drytown is a very polished and charming experience. The vampires are all kind yet have their own personalities and individual style. Some of the puzzles are really well thought out too and offer a nice amount of variety. A bite sized vampiric adventure well worth sinking your teeth into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Drytown in your Browser Here (Windows & Browser)