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Dual Gear Game

Dual Gear is a ridiculously cool turn-based combat game in which players pilot huge Anime-inspired mechs, striking badass poses and blasting enemies with satisfyingly OTT weaponry.

Playing like a mix between X-Com and Gundam, players pilot their mech in real time from a third person view, requiring skill but also requiring management of Action Points and Generator Output. Enemies will attack you while you move within their range and stop when you stop moving, making the simple art of moving into a perilous and very strategic experience. Success of your attacks is reliant on your pilots skill and range, with successful attacks capable of doing plenty of damage to your opponents fully destructible armor.

Players can customise their mechs head, cockpit, arms, legs and backpack in the hangar – a command centre which evolves throughout the game. As pilots progress they’ll earn XP and unlock new skills, and you can even recruit new pilots of varying skill levels.

Even in these early stages of development, the Unreal Engine-powered visuals of Dual Gear look fantastic – offering up mech-on-mech combat full of style and spectacle. The unique blend of 3rd prerson combat and turn based strategy makes for an exciting and cerebral experience that we can’t wait to see more of. Forget X-Com 2, Dual Gear may very well be the future of tactical turn based strategy.

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UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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