DUALHOT – Game Jam Build Download

Dual Hot game download

DUALHOT is a cleverly designed puzzle platformer that requires you to think outside the box as it combines the ‘time only moves when you move’ gameplay of SUPERHOT with inventive puzzle platforming gameplay and the ability to project your soul.

It’s a scientific fact that adding SUPERHOT’s time bending mechanics to any game instantly makes it 100% cooler. In DUALHOT, it not only makes it cooler, but allows for some very creative puzzle design, with you able to manipulate the speed objects move by controlling your movement, and even being able to jump onto of falling blocks to use them as platforms.

There are enemies to avoid and bullets to dodge as in SUPERHOT, but is much more about the puzzles than the combat. As well as utilising your time slowing you also have the ability to separate your soul and use it to access out of reach areas and interact with objects. This can make for some tricky little puzzles as you dodge enemies, bend time and use your soul splitting powers. A fun time bending puzzle platformer well worth making time for.

Download DUALHOT Here (Windows)

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  1. Great game overall, the controls are slightly weird and music needs to be fixed, thought the music works with the time thing. It makes the music hurt your ears at weird point and the storyline is a bit to super hot

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