Duck Jam – Game Jam Build

Duck Jam is a charming WarioWare-esque adventure in which you help a duck complete mini games to earn enough cash to play at a big concert!

In Duck Jam you are a cute little duck who has accidentally smashed all of his band’s equipment bust before a big concert. Luckily there’s lots of odd jobs you can do to earn some cash to purchase the new equipment you and your band need to rock out at the concert. What follows is a fun little adventure set across three worlds with a wide variety of WarioWare style minigames – from a duck dating sim to Mario-esque platforming.

It’s a fun little game with charming pixel art visuals, challenging gameplay and a great selection of minigames. A delightful ducky adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Duck Jam Here (Windows & Mac)