Dude Simulator – Alpha Download

Dude Simulator game download

Dude Simulator is a fun open world life simulator that allows players to explore a charming low poly town, collecting cash, crashing cars, using weapons, shooting people and blowing things up – it’s basically a first person GTA where the only objective is to have fun!

Dude Simulator forgoes objectives and narrative for player freedom and physics based ragdoll hillarity. You can do whatever you like in this idyllic low poly town. Sure, you can just be a law abiding citizen if you like, driving carefully and bing considerate of other citizens, but what’s the fun in that? Causing meyhem is what the cool dudes do!!

It’s still early in development so there’s a few rough edges and a lot of features that still baven’t been implemented (most notably the interiors of buildings are all empty) but Dude Simulator shows a lot of promise with its stylish low poly visual design and charming little game world for you cause chaos in. Certainly worth keeping an eye on as the more features and detail that gets added, the more enjoyable the carnage will be!

Download The Dude Simulator Alpha Build Here (Windows)

5 thoughts on “Dude Simulator – Alpha Download”

  1. Any chance on actually letting us know how to use our weapons or even equip our guns? Not exactly enticing me to back it on Greenlight if I can’t do anything in the Alpha is it?

    • Hi! It’s the middle mouse wheel that you use to switch between weaponry. You start with all the weapons in the game. Please remember that this is still very early in development so it’s pretty rough at the moment. :)

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