Dungeon Clawler – Alpha Demo

Dungeon Clawler is a clever mash-up of two very different genres, which sees you using a claw machine to fight your way through monster-filled dungeons.

In Dungeon Clawler you will fight your way through a series of dungeons, earn upgrades and collect loot. So far so roguelike, but the way you fight enemies in Dungeon Clawler makes a big difference.

During battles you are presented with a large claw machine and you have two attempts to grab items with the claw. It handles much like a traditional claw machine (though thankfully it grabs rather well), and the things you successfully grab will be used as your actions for that round.

So for instance, if you grab a shield it will increase your defense and if you grab a dagger it will attack the enemy and do six damage. As you progress through the dungeons you can unlock new items to add to the claw machine and you can also purchase stat upgrades for them.

It does need a bit of work in the sound FX department, but aside from that Dungeon Clawler is a very promising game with a great concept. The claw machine does a perfect job of adding a little RNG to the battles, while still giving you a bit more agency than a roll of a dice. A claw machine roguelike that’s bound to grab you!

Download the Dungeon Clawler Alpha Demo Here (Steam)