Dungeon Delvers – Student Project Download


Dungeon Delvers is an inventive dungeon crawler, in which you program the AI for your band of heroes then send them out to kick ass and collect loot.

When exploring a dungeon you can’t control your heroes actions, just the direction they move in.  Instead, at the start of each level you ‘program’ your heroes to carry out actions under certain circumstances (eg.  ‘Attack Enemy – Always’ or ‘Heal – if Health is Less Than 50%’), and give each command a hierarchy of priority.  The priority of these commands is just as important as the commands themselves and can mean the difference between life and death for your dungeon delvers.

As you progress through the levels you unlock new characters, AI commands and character classes, allowing you to finely tune your squad for different situations.  It’s a fun take on the genre, with charming pixel art animation and strategic gameplay.  The ability to tailor your characters AI is a makes the party set-up stage a pivotal part of the game – in-fact in Dungeon Delvers the battles are won and lost before they’ve even begun.

Note:  For the 2nd Level, get your priorities right – healing is more important than attacking!

Download Dungeon Delvers HERE