Dungeon Drafters – Prototype Download

Dungeon Drafters is a very addictive roguelike dungeon crawler with strategic card based turn based combat where you can win battles without getting hit once if you play your cards right!

In Dungeon Drafters you control a lone hero who has been sent into a dungeon for some loot. You can explore the randomly generated dungeon much like an any other roguelike dungeon crawler, but when you encounter an enemy the action switches to turn based combat and the abilities available to you are dependent on the cards you draw from your deck.

You only have 10 health points to last you for the whole dungeon and there are no health pickups so you have to really plan your battles. Thankfully thought here are some very useful cards which make it possible to beat multiple foes without taking damage if you plan your movement carefully. As you make your way through the dungeon you’ll discover more cards which can then be added to your deck by visiting the merchant (you can go there once via a portal around midway through the level).

The gameplay mechanics of Dungeon Drafters takes a little time to wrap your head around, but once you’re up to speed, it makes for a very addictive game. There’s no RNG and everything is very strategic, with the battles feeling like Chess-like face-offs where you try to exploit your enemy’s position on the grid. A mere 10 health points to get through a dungeon filled with monsters sounds impossible, but it’s amazing how much damage you can do while staying out of harm’s way and it’s very satisfying when you make it through a battle unscathed. It’s still early in development but Dungeon Drafters is really playing its cards right. Highly recommended.

Note: The Thunder Smite and Sharp Dash are particularly useful cards as the same card can be used multiple times without using up any extra action points. If you kill an enemy with Thunder Smite then you’ll teleport to their position and be able to go again and if you attack an enemy that has full energy with Sharp Dash then you’ll be able to go again.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dungeon Drafters Prototype Here (Windows)