Dungeon Golf – Open Beta

Dungeon Golf is a wonderfully chaotic physics-based mini-golf game where you whack balls, dodge traps and battle enemies in monster-filled dungeons.

Playable in single-player or local and online multiplayer, Dungeon Golf is a turn-based mini-golf game where you compete to be the GUDGOAT (Greatest Ultimate Dungeon Golfer of All Time). You can choose from a roster of wacky characters with unique abilities and compete in courses filled with lava pits, swinging hammers, fire golems, monsters, explosives and all manner of other hazards.

It’s a delightfully creative, colorful and chaotic take on mini-golf that forgoes realism in favour of fun and personality. The open Beta is live now. Jump in to see if you can get a hole in none!

Join In The Dungeon Golf Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)