Dungeon Nightmares II – Alpha Demo

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Dungeon Nightmares II is a terrifying first person horror that sees you exploring creepy procedurally generated dungeons, searching for keys to unlock the doors of a mysterious hotel.

The original Dungeon Nightmares was originally made for mobile in late 2013 and was later released for the home computer early 2014 on GameJolt. It was an overnight hit with the community and is still currently one of the highest rated games on there to date and now has over half a million players across all platforms.

Dungeon Nightmares II greatly improves on the already very creepy original, with improved audio and visuals building a foreboding atmosphere full of dread and terror.  The procedurally generation not only enhances the games replayability, but also increases the tension, with you never sure where the next scare (of which there are many) will come from.

Gameplay is similar to Amnesia, with you exploring the dungeons unarmed, filled with macabre illusions and creepy sounds.  You’re never too sure what’s real and what’s illusion in this procedurally generated nightmare – but the scares are definitely real.

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