Dungeon Rushers – Alpha demo

Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers is a well crafted dungeon crawling RPG with quirky characters, a great sense of humor, look, crafting and easily accessible tactical turn based combat.

As soon as you set off on your epic quest, it becomes apparent that Dungeon Rushers is a fantasy RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously, happy to poke fun at itself and traditional fantasy RPG tropes. There’s plenty going on behind it’s lighthearted exterior though, as you recruit new party members, earn XP, level up your skills, craft items, de-activate traps, battle monsters and collect lots of lovely loot. The turn based combat system is very easy to pick up and play thanks to the excellent tutorial, and offers plenty of depth once you unlock more party members and unlock new skills.

Combining great humor and turned based strategic combat Dungeon Rushers is a lighthearted dungeon crawling RPG that will make you smile happily and make you think strategically.  Well worth checking out for some dungeon crawling fun.

Note: If you like the Alpha Demo, you can purchase the full Early Access version on Steam

Download The Dungeon Rushers Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)