Dungeon Souls – Alpha Download

dungeon souls

Dungeon Souls is a very cool dungeon crawling hack n slash roguelike featuring gorgeous pixel art animation, challenging gameplay, big bosses, procedurally generated level design and permadeath.

After choosing between six playable hero classes (we had most success with the wizard), players set forth into procedurally generated dungeons, packed with loot, hazards and enemies.  As you progress, you’ll earn XP, level up, grade your attributes and collect items which grant permanent bonuses for the entirety of the current run.  Most of these bonuses stack, Binding of Isaac-style, slowly transforming you from a puny weakling into a force to be reckoned with – which is a good thing as bosses can be tough!

The slightly excessive screen shake can be a little off-putting, but on the whole is a blast – fast paced dungeon crawling action with a fabulous art style and challenging gameplay.

Download the Alpha HERE (Win Only)