Dungeon Warfare – Alpha Build


Dungeon Warfare is an addictive pixel art tower defense strategy game that sees you playing as a dungeon lord, laying all manner of traps and obstacles to defend your dungeon from pesky looters and adventurers.

As with most Tower Defense games, each level consists of waves of enemies charging through your dungeon, as you lay out traps to maximise the damage they do to stop them reaching your gold.  Starting off with a couple of basic traps, you soon unlock more and more deadly ones, such as huge rolling boulders or portals to summon your own troops.  You also gain XP which can be used to purchase permanent upgrades for each trap, reducing cooldowns and increasing damage.

It’s a fun game, and the difficulty level soon ramps up to offer a tough challenge that will have you fine tuning your dungeon layouts to get them just right – nobody steals your gold and gets away with it!

Purchase the Early Access Version on Steam HERE

Play The Dungeon Warfare Alpha in a Unity Supported Browser HERE