Dungeons and Flatmates – Student Project Game

Dungeons and Flatmates is a very funny Skyrim spoofing first person RPG adventure where you solve puzzles, complete quests, level up, chat to NPC’s and collect loot – all within the confines of your filthy shared apartment!

In Dungeons and Flatmates you take on the role of a flatmate who has been summoned to the “Kingdom of Filthiness” (your shared flat), where you will complete quests to bring some form of harmony to it. Your flatmates are all very odd and there are only three of them you’ll actually speak to (though never actually see) – a “swordmaster” who is always in the shower, a “White Witch” who is just a crazy hippy and a “necromancer” who is sulking with his father and mourning the death of his cat.

Your flatmates will set quests for you or help you complete quests, but the majority of the work revolves around searching for useful items around the flat. There’s food, quest items, silly collectibles, clothing and weaponry to collect, many of which are just everyday household objects with silly fantasy names or fun pieces of pop culture – so you may collect “Coins of the Great Mario”, “The Saber of Light” (which is a toy lightsaber), or the “Burning Sword of Purity” (which is just a bottle of anti-mould cleaner).

Dungeons and Flatmates really impresses with its high quality visuals, attention to detail, quirky sense of humor and witty writing. The only downer is that there’s no real ending – there seems to be no way to complete the DLC quest (it’s a joke not an actual quest) – but there’s a whole 2 hours worth of quests to complete up until then anyway. The filthy flat is packed full of fun things to discover and the descriptions of the items you collect and your conversations with your flatmates are particularly hilarious. The flat may be filthy, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Dungeons and Flatmates Here (Windows)