Dungeons Are Random – Alpha Demo

dungeons are random

Dungeons Are Random, a game being created by Pixelbug, is a 2D action rogue-like with extremely challenging gameplay and a heavy emphasis on random level and monster generation.

A story hasn’t been set as of yet but the game places you in various location, from deserts to swamps, that hold a vast array of enemies ready to slash, chomp and spit at you until you bleed black and blue. The game offers multiple ways to play, from weapon choices like bows or swords to leveling up and using attribute points. You allocate ten attribute points per level which can make your hero so strong that a single strike will kill an enemy or become a meat shield able of taking constant punishment from the barrage of attacks coming your way. Each level has a different variety of enemies, from frogs that will lick you to death or eat you whole, to Knights that summon up falling gravestones and Ghosts that explode when close.

Dungeons Are Random also offers up a selection of bosses, each more deadlier than its predecessor, that protect each floor and will stop at nothing to see you dead so you can’t progress further. With lots of random encounters, an awesome list of weapons and spell and a level up system you can bend to your will, will you rise up and take down the harsh dungeons that await you?

NOTE: You can use an Xbox 360 controller instead of the keyboard. Be aware the keys aren’t perfectly timed with presses. It is, after all, an early alpha build

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