Dungreed – Beta Demo

Dungreed is a fast paced 2D roguelite side scrolling action game that draws favorable comparisons to Rogue Legacy, as you battle through procedurally generated levels and attempt to rebuild a village that was destroyed by a sentient dungeon.

In Dungreed you take on the role of a brave hero who is trying to rebuild a village and rescue all of it’s villagers after a dungeon came to life and captured them all. The dungeon is still lurking within the decimated village and if you set foot on the dirt where it’s hiding then it’ll pop out and eat you whole, allowing you to explore within it – fighting enemies, collecting loot, saving villagers and doing battle with powerful bosses.

The combat is pretty challenging, especially at the start, before you unlock any of the more useful upgrades. If you die you’ll lose a portion of your gold and be evicted from the dungeon, back to the village. All of the weapons and equipment you collect on a raid are lost whether you make it to the end or die, but any villagers you rescue are sent to the village, allowing you to rebuild it and purchase new upgrades.

It’s a fun and addictive game, that feels like an evolution of the Rogue Legacy gameplay, with higher quality artwork, a lot more variety to the enemies and a wider array of upgrades and cool ranged and melee weaponry to discover. If you liked Rogue Legacy you’ll love diving into the world of Dungreed.

Check Out The Dungreed Steam Page Here

Download The Dungreed Beta Demo Here (Windows)