DUNKEGG – Game Jam Build Download

DUNKEGG is a very funny and brutally tough little QWOP-loke game where you control two soldiers as they try to transport the badly injured “Greg the Egg” through a warzone full of eggsplosions and wonderfully bad puns!

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in DUNKEGG you simultaneously control two little soldier eggs at either side of a stretcher carrying a badly injured egg (called Greg). The dual character control system is a little like in Brothers, but rather than using the analog sticks to move them you use the triggers and the shoulder buttons – which is much harder to master!

Using your limited controls you can move each egg sideways (which allows you to turn if you just move one of them) and forwards and backwards. Moving forwards and backwards makes it easy to maneuver, but it’s much slower than moving sideways – and speed is of the essence as you’re being bombarded with eggs (which HAS to be a war crime), so it’s best to move sideways as much as possible.

When you first try DUNKEGG you’ll die almost instantly and think the game is rather unfair, but once you get to grips with it and master sideways walking it’s a lot of fun. The control scheme actually allows for a surprising amount of finesse and even when you do die the resulting carnage is often so hilarious that you really don’t mind. Also, the game is packed full of ridiculous egg puns, which is no bad thing!

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download DUNKEGG Here (Windows)