Dunkehr – Alpha Demo

Dunkehr is a beautifully animated pixel art action adventure with a deep combat system as a mercenary honey badger fights an army of lizards that have invaded the kingdom.

In Dunkehr you step into the shoes of the titular Dunkehr – a battle hardened honey badger who has been hired to rescue a duke’s daughter and save the kingdom from The Scale army. You’re massively outnumbered, but you’re a badass honey badger with a wide selection of fighting skills and the ability to parry arrows with your teeth!

The current demo build of Dunkehr features one full level (complete with boss fight) and a 1v1 duel mode. The 16-bit styled pixel art animation is excellent and the combat is a lot of fun, with your character able to use a diverse array of attacks and moves that look great and also offer plenty of tactical depth – you can even ride an ostrich!

Download The Dunkehr Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)