Dunpets Colors – Beta Demo (Windows, iOS & Android)

Dunpets Colors, an adorable Pokemon-esque adventure game, sees you playing a rescuer who saves pets from the corruption of strange crystals that have appeared in their world.

You are a rescuer of the Dunpets’ population. Dunpets live in a different world, one that was full of peace and happiness until some strange crystals started appearing. These crystals give off a strange aura that then makes the Dunpets nearby angry and aggressive. You need to help protect these pets, taking their eggs and trying to explore each area to see if you can stop the crystals at their source.

You will be given your first Dunpet as just an egg, which you will need to hatch and level up before it’s able to explore new areas and go on new adventures. Once your Dunpets are hatched, you can take them to different areas to fight other Dunpets and explore for loot. Fighting other Dunpets is done in a very similar fashion to Pokemon, allowing your pet to learn new moves as they gain XP. You can also use potions and learn about the pets you are fighting. However, unlike Pokemon, once you have one the battle, the other Dunpet will always run away – you can only gain new pets yourself by finding their eggs!

Battling and looting isn’t all you are able to do in Dunpets Colors. You can also decorate your home, shop for items, and talk to other players or NPCs. There is a ton to see, play, and do all with your lovely little Pokemon Dunpet!

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Download Dunpets Colors Here (Windows, Android & iOS)