Duo – Game Jam Build Download


Duo is a slick, two(ish)-button puzzle-platformer built for Ludum Dare 34 that uses a neat combination of rolling and stacking mechanics to help you bypass simple obstacles.

In Duo, you’ll transform between a rolling circle and stackable square to climb across platforms, launch yourself across gaps, and avoid a spiky death. Duo’s presentation is refined and vivid, employing liberal use of contrasting colors and a (perhaps overly) minimalistic UI. The soundtrack is accented by a deep, almost mystical hum that manages to create a relaxed ambience without being overwhelming.

That being said, Duo has a bit of an issue with clarity and giving its players feedback. The game’s restriction on “battery power” is not very intuitive and you’ll often find yourself wondering why you ran out of stacking or rolling power. The addition of a clear sound or visual cue when you click your mouse would likely help avoid this confusion. Additionally, because of the slow accumulation of rolling momentum and the shaky stacking, sections requiring fast or precise movement are not the game’s forte. Duo also has a very steep difficulty curve and, coupled with its general dearth of checkpoints, it narrowly avoids falling into the “rage-quit” category of games. But for those looking for stylish game that offers up a true challenge, Duo provides just that.

Download or Play Duo Here (Windows, Linux & Browser)