Duster – Pre-Alpha Download

Duster is a challenging steampunk Wild West roguelike adventure that sees you attempting to survive a perilous desert full of bandits, lawmen and robots, in search of the richest mine in the West!

The procedurally generated steampunk Wild West setting of Duster is a very inhospitable place to visit. There are towns that can provide some respite from the hazardous conditions (and even more inhospitable bandits), but on the whole everything wants to kill you. The desert is full of bandits, lawmen, giant robots and wild animals, all of which are happy to send you to the great saloon in the sky. You can also get poisoned by snakes, sunburn, frostbite, food poisoning or you can just starve to death. Permadeath makes every encounter a high stakes fight for survival and even a simple little snake bite can cause your untimely demise if you’re not prepared for it.

It seems that there really are million ways to die in the West, but there are also lots of ways to survive and make a living. Your main goal is to find and capture the richest mine in the West, but to do so you’ll need to earn cash and tool up so you can defeat it’s guardians. To earn this cash you can sift minerals from the rivers, mine gold, complete quests, hunt animals and kill bandits.

There are six different character classes to choose from at the start of the game, each with their own attributes that can help you scratch out a living in the inhospitable landscape. Earn cash and you’ll be able to buy weapons, ammo and other items that will increase your chances of survival. Unless you’re a gunslinger you may be best sticking to melee weapons and stealth though as the guns can be a little unreliable in less competent hands.

It’s still early in development, but Duster is already a lot of fun. The procedurally generated Wild West landscapes are packed full of different ways to die and make a living and it’s full of interesting surprises to discover as you explore. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Duster Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)