Dwarf Tower – Beta Download

dwarf tower

Dwarf Tower is a great turn based tactics game where you build, defend and fortify your tower while using spells and weapons to bring down your opponents one.  It’s got a simple, but stylish pixel art aesthetic that offers a pleasingly simple way of building your towers and allows you to focus on the rather addictive gameplay.

A successful tower will consist of 4 main things – crystals which generate mana, Dwarf dwellings which contain your workforce, libraries which contain your spells and the Archmage’s chamber which you must protect at all costs (lose it and it’s game over).  There are plenty of other fortifications that you can install, but these are the main ones.  Certain attacks can be targeted to devastating effect so it’s best to build your tower in such a way that the enemy can’t figure out where your vital buildings are (especially the Archmage’s chamber).

Each turn you’ll be given a random selection of tower pieces, spells and dwarf workforces to upgrade and attack with, rather like cards in a trading card game.  It’s a great system, that mixes up the gameplay and forces you to build a different tower each time, as you build what you can with whatever resources are available.

The Beta currently supports single player and multiplayer and is already pretty addictive, especially against a human opponent, offering short bouts of tactical turn based fun.

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Download the Beta and check out the IndieGoGo page HERE (Win & Mac)