Dyadic – Student Project Download

Dyadic game

Dyadic is an inventive puzzle platformer in which players work together and share to solve complex puzzles in a mysterious ancient ruin.

Created by students of SAE Creative Media Institute, Brisbane, Dyadic impresses with it’s co-operative gameplay and intelligent puzzle design.  It’s meant to be played with two players locally, with each player using one side of a controller, but can be played by one player if you can adapt to the Brothers-style method of controlling two characters at the same time (which can be tough).

Each of the puzzles has a large emphasis on trust and sharing, with players operating switches to allow the progress of the other player, and even passing helpful objects through portals to each other.  The puzzle design gets remarkably complex as you progress, requiring some lateral thinking and real co-operation to succeed.

It’s a fun and intelligently designed game, with some genuinely challenging puzzles that will encourage good communication and sharing – not just important traits in gaming, but important traits in life.

Note:  Only Playable With A Control Pad

Note 2:  The portals for teleporting objects aren’t immediately apparent, watch the video below if you can’t find them.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download Dyadic HERE (Windows Only)