DYING ENGINE – Alpha Download

Dying Engine

DYING ENGINE is a deliciously dark top down shooter with RTS elements in which you play an old and decaying robot who has landed on earth and must collect resources, blow up enemy vehicles and harvest humans to create minions.

You were sent on an important mission many years ago and you’re now nearing the end of your life-span, but have finally managed to find the powerful crystal fragments you were sent for. The problem is that the planet is swarming with lifeforms that don’t take kindly to your presence and the destruction you cause – so they send waves of military vehicles at you to bring you down.

It’s going to take more than a few puny humans to put an end to your mission though – you’re pretty slow moving, but you do have some high powered weaponry and the ability to create minions out of harvested humans. The more you fight, the more the humans will escalate their attacks so you have to know when to call it quits and pull out.  When you teleport out of a level, you can use the resources you collected throughout to upgrade your stats and purchase new weaponry, which will give you better chance of success in the next round.

DYING ENGINE is still early in development so does have a few rough edges, but it shows great promise thanks to it’s fun blend resource management and combat as you clomp around the cities, smashing military vehicles and harvesting humans.  That’ll teach those puny humans to stand in the way of your mission!

Note: The dev would love to hear your feedback on the current build of DYING ENGINE. You can e-mail him at: admin@highlandgaming.com

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available