Dymension – Alpha Demo

Dymension is a tense first person Sci-Fi survival horror game where a security guard has a lot more than thieves to worry about as he guards a high tech facility that specialises in creating cyborgs.

In Dymension you take on the role of a newly hired security guard at a high security research facility called Brewding. The facility specialises in transferring human minds into robot bodies (called mannequins). Although they haven’t successfully completed a viable cyborg yet, they have had some promising failures, many of which are mentally unstable and are locked up in the facility. Unfortunately, as this is a horror game, it’s unlikely they’ll stay locked up for long…

The current build of Dymension is visually very impressive, but is a little let down by some rather obtuse puzzle design which doesn’t make much narrative sense (such as how you get the password for your locker). It shows a lot of promise though, with a very tense atmosphere and some very menacing mannequins/cyborgs. It’s going to be a pretty tough shift for your security guard, if he survives he’ll definitely deserve a raise!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dymension Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

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