Dynasty Feud – Open Beta (Steam)

Dynasty Feud Open Beta

Dynasty Feud is a beautifully animated 2D multiplayer area brawler with environmental destruction, fast paced combat and a choice of powerful warriors from different eras in time.

We first featured Dynasty Feud last year during the Closed Beta stage and were very impressed with the vibrant visuals, spectacle-filled combat and destructive possibilities. It features multiplayer combat for up to four players with a choice of 40 characters from 8 different dynasties – Cavemen, Aztecs, Cowboys, Pirates, Feudal Japanese Warriors, Medieval, Vikings and Future Kids – and you can even create your own dynasty by selecting your favorite characters from the default ones.

Dynasty Feud is a skill-focused fighter with a one-hit-kill system, multiple defensive and attacking techniques on offer, and some spectacular Warden Spirits’ Ultimate Attacks. Other players aren’t the only danger though – the dynamic levels are also filled with hazards that will punish complacent fighters.

It’s a great looking game that offers easily accessible but highly competitive Smash Bros-esque brawling, with skill based combat, plenty of character variety and some very cool dynamic arenas to fight in. Oddly enough, alongside Ubisoft’s For Honor, it’s also only the second game released this year that allows you to find out who would win in a fight between a Samurai, a Viking and a Medieval Knight!

To Join in the Open Beta Sign Up Here (All Who Sign Up Will Be Granted Access)

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