DYNOPUNK – Alpha Demo

DYNOPUNK is a narrative-driven tech repair shop sim where you are the last T-Rex alive and you fix electronics in a cyberpunk city full of dinosaurs!

In DYNOPUNK you take on the role of the last surviving T-Rex who has gone to make his fortune in the big city. You’ve taken over at a rather untidy electronics repair shop where customers will come in with tech that they need repaired or upgraded in some way. Do well and you may earn a nice sum of cash, make some friends and find some way of changing the fact that you’re the last living T-Rex. But first you’re going to have to deal with a troublesome sentient 3D printer…

The current build of DYNOPUNK takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a fun mixture of puzzle and visual novel-esque gameplay elements. You chat to customers (and your 3D printer) and repair the electronics they bring in. You repair the electronics on your workbench with a little assistance from a sentient 3D printer that game with the shop. The printer isn’t the easiest to get along with, but it does know what it’s doing, so it talks you through the procedure of programming chips, cutting circuit boards, removing glue, adding glue and sticking the electronics together.

Your decisions when chatting to customers matter too, with the dialogue choices you give and even the drinks you offer them having a direct effect on their mood. It’s in your interest to keep them in a happy mood, because the happier the customers are with your work and your service then the more you’ll get paid for your work. That money may eventually come in handy for helping you build something that may solve all your problems…

It’s still early in development but there’s a lot to like about DYNOPUNK. The tech repair is genuinely a lot of fun, the story is interesting and the characters are a joy to get to know (even that pesky 3D printer). If you only play one cyberpunk dinosaur tech repair adventure this year, make sure it’s DYNOPUNK!

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Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dynopunk Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “DYNOPUNK – Alpha Demo”

  1. I tried the game!
    It is really cool! the story line has lots of potential right now!
    Cant wait to play the next parts!.

  2. The concept for this game is totally off the wall – cyberpunk dinosaurs! Repairing broken e-junk! I love the art style, the colors are gorgeous and the characters and tech have cool designs. The actual gameplay is fairly simple and satisfying, but it might need some more additions in order to stay fresh and challenging. Still, I’d play it just to follow along with the story, enjoy the art, and discover whether our T-Rex friend gets to achieve his dreams ;)

    The text needs some proofreading; I noticed a handful of misspellings and some awkward phrasing that could be cleaned up before launch.

    Thanks for sharing!

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