Dynopunk: Welcome to Synth-City – Prologue Download

Dynopunk: Welcome to Synth-City is a narrative-driven cyberpunk adventure that follows a dinosaur who fixes broken gadgets in their small electronics store.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020, Dynopunk: Welcome to Synth-City blends visual novel and puzzle elements as you fix gadgets in a cyberpunk city filled with dinosaurs. You take on the role of the last surviving T-Rex on Earth. You’ve just purchased an electronics repair store and you dream of one day earning enough money to buy some bionic arms to upgrade the tiny ones that you feel insecure about.

Each day you’ll meet new customers, chat with them, offer them beverages and repair their gadgets. Your dialogue options can influence how the story plays out and you can even play pranks on them with the fixed gadgets. You fix the gadgets along with youtube quirky electronic assistants, and your income is dependent on how neat and tidy your repairs are.

It’s a very wholesome and chilled out game with a fun premise, excellent artwork and a great lo-fi soundtrack. You really feel connected to your customers and the actual gadget repairing gameplay is a lot of fun. A delightful dino adventure.

Download The Dynopunk: Welcome to Synth-City Prologue Here (Steam)