DYO – Alpha Demo

DYO game

DYO is a head melting multiplayer co-op (or Brothers-style single player) puzzle platformer in which you can split and join the opposite sides of the screen at will, altering the layout of the level in a variety of ingenious ways.

In DYO you can split and join the left and right sides of the screen instantly (as long as there is one character in each section). When joined, the screen is locked, but if you split them then the characters can move around freely moving the screen with them. Your aim is to join the screens in such a way that it allows both characters to get to their exits. It’s an odd concept that’s simultaneously easier and harder than it sounds – particularly once you get onto the later levels. In local multiplayer it’s a fun, innovative and challenging puzzler, but if you’re brave enough to attempt it in single player it can be a truly mind breaking experience!

Download The DYO Alpha Demo Here (Windows)