Dystopixelia – Beta Download

dystopixelia game

Dystopixelia is an atmospheric and humorous pixel art horror adventure set in an unsettling dystopian future, that sees you trying to survive a virus outbreak which you inadvertently caused.

You play employee ID 22 of LIFE inc., a simple cubicle worker, who one day is tasked with a job of upmost importance.  Unfortunately you fail at this and unleash an mutating virus on the population of earth.  You’ll have to sneak, loot and shoot your way through the apocalyptic aftermath of your incompetence if you want to survive in Dystopixelia.

With it’s dark and humorous storyline, excellent pixel art animation and atmospheric soundtrack, Dystopixelia is a joy to play.  It’s a dangerous place to explore – you’ll have to be alert and quick on the draw if you want to survive here, but nobody said surviving an apocalypse would be easy!

Download the Dystopixelia Episode 1 Beta HERE or HERE (Win Only)