E-Ro – Student Project Game

E-Ro is a 2.5D puzzle platformer that puts you in control of an agile little time travelling robot who uses stealth and traps to assassinate targets.

E-Ro feels a lot like a 2.5D Assassins Creed game, with you using stealth an poison to make your way through the game world. You control a little time-travelling robot, and after completing a short tutorial stage, you are sent back in time to medieval Venice to steal the writings of Marco Polo.

Your little robot is fast and agile, but incapable of defending itself in a straight up fight. Instead you need to find ways of neutralising the enemy without them noticing your presence – by poisoning food, ambushing them from the shadows and using diversions. You also have a very nifty ability to teleport between the front and back layers of the game world, which not only aids your progress, but looks really cool in the process!

E-Ro isn’t perfect – it can be a little buggy at times and it can be hard to figure out where you’re supposed to be going at times, but it looks gorgeous and most of the puzzles are well implemented. It’s a fun little game that’s great for a short blast of fast paced time travelling robo-assassination!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here E-Ro

Download E-Ro Here (Windows)

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  1. Visually stunning and looks fun to play as well. Of course I thought of Wall-E, couldn’t help it.

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