Eagle Island – Pre-Alpha Download

Eagle Island Game Download

Eagle Island is a fabulous pixel art platforming roguelite adventure in which you and your trusty owl explore vibrant procedurally generated worlds and attempt to rescue your owl’s brother from a powerful avian deity.

In Eagle Island you control a young boy who, alongside his owl Quill, explores a beautiful avian island filled with lush forests, mysterious caverns and ruins of lost civilizations. Your trusty owl comes in handy as you explore the island, with you able to launch it in different directions at enemies and even switch between four powerful special attacks that are powered by gems you pick up.

As you progress you collect gold which can be used to open chests that litter the island. These chests contain perks that can switched out, with you able to carry up to four at a time, and can be of great assistance as you explore the island, battling enemies and deadly bosses. It’s quite a tricky game and health is in short supply so you’ll need to keep your wits around you – die and you’ll start again on a new island with a totally different layout.

Even in these early stages of development, the procedurally generated world design of Eagle Island is outstanding. Each time you die a new world is generated for you to explore, and each new world somehow manages to feel like it’s been handcrafted by the developer – packed full of secrets, loot, intelligent structural layouts, beautiful animation and vibrant visuals.

It really impresses with it’s fantastic pixel art animation, handcrafted-feeling infinite game worlds and challenging roguelite gameplay. You won’t regret taking a trip to Eagle Island – a magical place where death isn’t an annoyance, it’s an excuse for you to explore another beautifully crafted island and discover what secrets it holds. Highly recommended.

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Download The Eagle Island Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)