Earl’s Day Off – Game Jam Build Download

Earl’s Day Off is a creepy PS1 styled fishing horror game where you catch some strange fish in an eerie lake while trying to find your wedding ring.

Created by Torple Dook and Airdorf (creator of the FAITH games), Earl’s Day Off is a fishing horror game inspired by classic 90s bass fishing games. You take control of Earl, a fishing enthusiast who had a little too much to drink last night and lost his wedding ring in the nearby lake. You guess it’ll be inside a fish by now and your wife has told you not to come back until you find it, so it looks like you’re in for a day of fishing!

The gameplay in Earl’s Day Off is fairly simple – you just paddle your boat around the lake and then cast towards a nearby fish. If you get close enough then the fish will go for your lure and you can reel it in. There are some pretty massive fish in that lake and Earl gives a lot of them some rather creepy descriptions after pulling them out of the water. There are also other objects down there, such as keys and lumps of flesh and as you progress the lake gets deeper, making casting in the right place that much trickier.

At the moment Earl’s Day Off is more of an eerie and unsettling experience than a full on horror, but it’s got a great sense of atmosphere and the devs are planning to continue development on it, with a promise of much more to come. It’s oddly peaceful, but also quite creepy experience as you potter about on the lake pulling up massive weird fish. A weird little fishing expedition well worth taking.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Game Jam Build Here (Windows)