Earth Exodus – Alpha Download

Earth Exodus is a stylish little Sci-Fi first person platforming adventure where you climb a tower that was created to allow for the mass exodus of Earth before an incoming apocalyptic event.

Created for the Lunar New Year Jam, Earth Exodus sees you controlling an agile little robot as it explores and climbs a tower that was created to allow humanity to leave the Earth. It appears that the tower has fulfilled its purpose and the mass-exodus was successful (or it failed and everyone died) as there are no longer any sign of life and the only signs that humanity were there are the structures and tech they’ve left behind.

As you climb the tower you learn a little more about it via information boards you come across. It would be nice if there was a little more information on them to flesh out the narrative a bit more. It’s an interesting concept, but you’re left with more questions than answers by the time your reach the summit. It’s a very unique experience though, with a great visual style, responsive controls and an intriguing lore. A tower well worth climbing.

Download The Earth Exodus Alpha Here (Windows)