Earth Liberation – Beta Demo


Earth Liberation is a very impressive new single player-focused RTS that channels the easily accessible and addictive gameplay of classics like Command & Conquer, to create one of the most promising RTS games we’ve come across in a long time.

Earth Liberation is a single player focused experience that pits humans vs aliens as they fight for control of the planet. It features a simple economy, a focus on rapid decision making, well implemented unit balancing, and intense battles where you’re under constant enemy pressure. The audio could do with a little work, but the artwork is excellent, and in each unit in the game serves a specific purpose, with strengths and weaknesses that can prove pivotal during a battle.

The developers of Earth Liberation have made a very important design choice that resonates throughout the game – don’t fix what isn’t broken. So many RTS devs seem intent on adding new twists to an old genre that they overlook what made it so great in the first place. Earth Liberation takes everything that made the original Command & Conquer games so popular, tweaks it a little, adds a beautiful new lick of paint and gives players what they want – an RTS game that plays like a classic.

We’ll look forward to seeing more of Earth Liberation in the future as it’s a great callback to the glory days of the RTS. It’s refreshing to find an RTS that doesn’t want to re-invent the wheel, but instead just focuses on making it better.

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Download The Earth Liberation Beta Demo Here (Windows)