Earthlock: Festival of Magic is an original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic, that stopped spinning thousands of years ago.  You start off as Amon, a scavenger from a small desert town, who gets embroiled a conflict between two warring factions, and soon finds themselves on a quest for peace will take them to the corners of the world to uncover the secrets of Umbra’s mysterious, catastrophic past.

Still in early development, visually Earthlock already looks great, with cortoonish visuals reminiscent of Zelda, but with a Final Fantasy-style sense of grandeur and spectacle.  The Alpha Demo starts of pretty slowly, with you havesting a crop, but soon livens up once you leave the starting area, and start fighting enemies.  Battles are turn based affairs, with no random encounters (enemies are always visible), with your team formed out of 2 warriors and their respective protectors (Kind of like pets).  It’s an interesting system, that’s easy to learn, but offers plenty of depth.

Already halfway to it’s kickstarter goal of £150k and Greenlit on Steam, Earthlock is planned for release on Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, XBO and WiiU.  It’s shaping up to be a great fantasy RPG with some novel ideas, a rich story and plenty of character.

Visit the Kickstarter page & Download the Alpha Demo HERE