East Gwilimbury – Alpha Demo

East Gwilimbury

East Gwillimbury is a charming sea-based incremental clicker in which you poke sea creatures for profits as you transform a derelict ocean platform into a thriving city.

We’ve seen plenty of incremental clickers are ABG, but nothing as involving as East Gwillimbury.  Where most clickers are content to be fairly passive experiences, East Gwillimbury feels more like a traditional gaming experience, as you search for sea creatures and harvest coins from them.  Even the pressure cooker (EG’s version of an autoclicker) requires you to do some work to harvest the coins.

As you progress, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades that will transform the empty ocean platform into a thriving business, unlocking perks and special powers as you go (there are even a few secret perks you’ll have to search for).  The Alpha Demo of East Gwillimbury offers a great taster of things to come, with around half an hour’s worth of gameplay, during which it impresses with its charming visuals, relaxing atmosphere and unique take on the incremental clicker genre.  A whimsical sea-faring clicker that never feels like a grind.

Download The East Gwilimbury Alpha Demo Here