Eat The Rich – Alpha Download

Eat The Rich is a delightfully chaotic physics based shopping simulator where you control a horde of naked shoppers as they cause carnage, grab bargains and bring them to the checkout for massive savings.

Currently in development by Evan Greenwood and Luc Wolthers, Eat The Rich is a hilarious little game that aims to simulate the chaos of Black Friday sales. In the game you start off controlling three little naked shoppers, with an aim of getting into the shop, grabbing items then taking them to the checkout to earn some massive savings (your debt also goes up, but you can worry about that another day). The more savings you earn the more upgrades you can purchase – such as increasing your horde size, the discount on the items and the time you get in the shop.

Your shambling jelly-limbed hordes of shoppers may not be the most nimble of creatures but you can guide them roughly in the direction you’d like them to go. Lots of the more valuable items are at the back of the store and can even require smashing through brick balls to get them – but that serves the store right for trying to hide their biggest bargains!

It’s still early in development, with around 10 minutes of gameplay at the moment, but it’s already a blast guiding your hordes of naked little shoppers as they ransack the stores for everything they’ve got. Well worth checking out for a hilarious mix of chaos, carnage and consumerism.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Eat The Rich Alpha Here (Windows)