Eat Your F****** Soup – Alpha Demo

Eat Your F****** Soup is a very weird comedy horror game where you eat soup every day, stuff heads down a garbage disposal and enjoy lots of silly double entendres.

Currently in development by Aaron Wise (creator of He keeps Me Here) and Vidas Salavejus (creator of Dia), Eat Your F****** Soup is a ridiculous horror comedy game about eating soup that tastes like ass. Each day you wake up and are ordered to eat your soup, which you dutifully do, but you can also explore and discover weird secrets too – such as various talking decapitated heads which you dispose of in a delightfully horrific way.

It’s not particularly scary, but Eat Your F****** Soup is very funny and is packed full of great little gags and silly distractions (including a hilariously overdone dick joke). It’s essentially a shitpost turned into a game and it will probably put you off soup for life, but you’ll have a soup-er fun time playing it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Eat Your F****** Soup Beta Demo Here (Windows)