Echo Point Nova – Alpha Demo

Echo Point Nova is a mobility-focused Sci-Fi FPS with massive open levels, hoverboarding and lots of environmental destruction.

Playable in single-player or online co-op, the fluid movement, destruction and gunplay of Echo Point Nova shares a lot in common with Greylock Studio’s previous game, Severed Steel, but the setting and increased focus on mobility makes for a very different experience. It’s a little like Halo, but with your character having the agility of Spider-Man and a rocket powered hoverboard to whiz around on.

The demo features one massive open level that introduces you to the weapons and gadgets you’ll have at your disposal in the full game. The hoverboard allows you to jump huge distances, you can use a hammer (and other weapons) to smash through walls and floors, you have a grappling hook and you also unlock special elemental abilities. You do pretty much feel like a superhero as you speed around the world causing carnage wherever you go.

At the moment the HUD needs a bit of work (it’s a little intrusive), and some more variety to your objectives would be good, but it’s already a ton of fun. The movement and gunplay are fast and fluid, the environmental destruction gives you more tactical choices in the heat of battle and there’s a lot to discover in the single demo level. Everything about it seems geared towards allowing the player to have fun and look cool while doing it. Which is no bad thing!

Check Out An Echo Point Nova Gameplay Video Here

Download The Echo Point Nova Alpha Demo Here (Steam)