Echoplex – Alpha Demo


Echoplex is a very cool and rather sinister sci-fi puzzle adventure in which you are relentlessly pursued by an echo of yourself who will repeat every action that you do, and if he catches you it’s game over.

Echoplex is a total overhaul of the browser based game of the same name, with vastly improved visuals, level design and a far more sinister echo that follows you. In the game your aim is to make it to the end of the level by operating light beam switches and opening doors. The only problem is that your echo repeats every single action that you do a few seconds after, so you have to plan ahead and outsmart your echo to have any chance of escaping the labyrinthine Echoplex you’re trapped in.  It’s an interesting concept, that can be a little confusing, as you have to think a few seconds forward in time and plan your echos movements to operate switches exactly when you need them.

The Alpha Demo consists of five levels, and is a great taster of things to come, with inventive puzzle design, stylish minimalist visuals and a real sense of tension as your echo relentlessly marches towards you. A slick, stylish and rather scary puzzle adventure.

Vote for Echoplex on Greenlight and Download the Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)