[ECHOSTASIS] – Beta Demo

[ECHOSTASIS] is a mesmerizing cyber-horror adventure where you venture into a corrupted program that’s used to let its users live in their own personal digital paradise.

Currently in development by (creator of the excellent Enigma Machine), in [ECHOSTASIS] you take on the role of the lead engineer of the [ECHO] project – an immersive simulation system that allows its users to virtually live in their own personal Utopias. Users get into special chambers and then the program creates an algorithmically generated reality which starts off indistinguishable from reality then over time morphs into your perfect Utopia. That’s the theory anyway, there appears to be some malicious code that’s corrupting the system…

The game plays out in a hub area where you can chat to a computer via text inputs and via the ECHO simulation of a user with a corrupted ECHO chamber. When chatting to the computer you need to figure out the correct command inputs to progress the narrative (and catch you up on the lore) and when exploring the ECHO simulation you need to find shortcuts that allow you to progress further before you get kicked out within a one minute time limit.

The current build of [ECHOSTASIS] takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a great mix of exploration, problem solving and hard Sci-Fi narrative. The haunting digital landscapes you explore are beautifully eerie and the way you can trespass into other peoples digital Utopia’s is fascinating. It’s a very clever piece of storytelling which feels a lot like it could be set in the same world as The Enigma Machine, and looks set to deliver just as mind-blowing an experience. Highly recommended.

Download [ECHOSTASIS] Beta Demo Here (Windows)