Eclipse The Cat – Alpha Demo

Eclipse The Cat is a delightful semi-linear 2D pixel art mascot action platformer where a cute little cat fights back against an invasion of alien body snatchers.

Drawing inspiration from classic 90’s mascot action platformers (especially Alex Kidd, Megaman, Shinobi, Dynamite Heady and Rocket Knight), Eclipse The Cat is a whimsical platforming adventure where an alley cat battles alien body snatchers. The aliens are pretty weak on their own, but when they take over other lifeforms they inherit their abilities so are a little harder to deal with, and only one cat is up to the task!

The current Eclipse The Cat demo features four fairly short, but delightful levels, complete with a boss fight and some secrets. The levels also contain some other secret areas and exits that will lead to other levels in the full game, but they’re not accessible yet (you’ll be able to re-visit levels in the full game and use your new abilities to find them).

It’s still early in development but there’s already a real joy to exploring the colorful and cheerful world of Eclipse The Cat. The pixel art animation is fantastic, the levels are packed full of great little details and there’s a playful humor throughout (a special shout-out has to go to the adorable cardboard box checkpoint system). Even within those four short levels it already feels like a classic. A purrfect platformer that will leave you feline fine!

Check Out An Eclipse The Cat Alpha Demo Here

Download The Eclipse The Cat Alpha Demo Here (Windows)