Eclipse War Online – Open Beta

eclipse war online

Eclipse War Online is a new card collecting MMORPG with over 700 cards to collect and the ability for your character to transform into an monster in the game.

This transformation ability dramatically changes the game, with a selection of monsters that’s wide and varied, including Ent-style creatures, behemoths, sorcerers, ogres, insects and birds.  It’s an interesting gameplay mechanic, and means that there’s always a new monster to play as and a new skill-set to master.

As well as monster card collecting, there’s also arena and AoS Based PvP combat for players to do battle .  Eclipse War Online is free to play, but the developers promise that it is not going to be Pay to Win, with all game items available through in-game currency.

Watch a trailer of it in action HERE

Sign-Up for the Beta HERE

15 thoughts on “Eclipse War Online – Open Beta”

  1. I hope my character is still intact. Glad to see they made some changes for this game. Time to see what’s new this time.

      • Yeah, probably to get more players. I’m just thinking if he current accounts in-game will be affected. I mean, let’s say this made it to steam and I launched the game via steam. Will I be able to use my old login in-game? That got me thinking.

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