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Eclipsed is a beautiful Tarot inspired monochrome puzzle adventure, that’s reminiscent of Ico, Thomas Was Alone and Limbo, where you play a young boy in a mysterious dark world, with an AI controlled girl as your companion.

Throughout it’s short (30 mins) playtime, you’ll embark on a strange adventure unfolding the mysterious Tarot-based story in a dark world where things only exist if they are immuminated by a light source.  You’ll also meet a girl with her own special powers who will accompany you on the adventure, you’ll instinctively want to protect her (as in Ico), but she’s just as useful to you as you are to her, and you both work together to survive in this dark world full of hazards and nasty creatures.

Eclipsed is still in development, and the dev has great plans for the full release.  Once the main story mode is completed, he plans to build lots of extra levels inspired by Tarot’s Major Arcana, like The Fool – Super hard levels that only fools will play. The Lover – co-op levels where another player may use another character to solve the game. The Chariot – auto-runner levels.  And levels based on The World that will be gigantic, seemingly endless areas.

It’s an ambitious project, and it’s certainly off to a great start with the Beta release.  You don’t need to be a fortune teller to know that this stylish puzzle platformer is going to be something special.

Check out the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Eclipsed Beta HERE

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