Eclipsium – Beta Demo

Eclipsium is a surreal and trippy retro styled horror game where you journey through a twisted world to a mysterious tower in the distance.

A spiritual successor to Rooted in Darkness, Eclipsium sees you waking up in a room with lots of medical equipment in it and then venturing out into a woodland as you try to reach a Sauron-esque tower in the distance. Along the way you solve puzzles and encounter strange sights that will make you question what’s real.

Eclipsium has got bucket-loads of style, but it’s also got plenty of substance. The nightmarish world you travel through is full of surreal sights and the way the darkness surrounds you feels very claustrophobic, even when you’re out in the open. There are also some very clever design choices, with the seamless scene transitions being a particular highlight. It all makes for a very unique, surprising and unsettling experience that you won’t want to put down. Highly recommended.

Check Out an Eclipsium Gameplay Video Here

Download The Eclipsium Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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